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Recent News

01/20/2022 International Data Privacy Week: Data Privacy and You
01/05/2022 Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Requirement for Patient Portal Effective January 25
12/17/2021 ETS 2020-2021 Annual Report Now Available
12/16/2021 Campus Response to Critical Log4j Vulnerability
12/14/2021 Kronos Electronic Timekeeping Outage
11/24/2021 Duo Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Requirement for ServiceNow Effective December 2
09/29/2021 Cyber Security Awareness Month 2021: UCSB Events
09/09/2021 Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Requirement on Kronos Timekeeping Effective September 28
09/08/2021 Preferred Name in Kronos
09/03/2021 UC IT Town Hall with President Drake on September 14
09/01/2021 Back-to-School Cybersecurity
08/27/2021 UCSB HR & IT Collaborate to Improve the Employee Performance Management Process with ePerformance
07/20/2021 The Current: Multi-factor Authentication Q&A
07/06/2021 Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Requirement on Campus VPN Effective August 2
06/08/2021 DevOps Practices Improve Efficiency at SIS&T
05/20/2021 "Achieving Measurable Results" AWS Workshop on June 1
04/21/2021 UCOP Security Incident: News, FAQs, and Resources
04/14/2021 Protect Your Identity Workshops
04/06/2021 Data Security Incident Update: Frequently Asked Questions
03/31/2021 Cybersecurity Incident Under Investigation
03/04/2021 Protecting Your Digital Self Webinar Series on March 5, 2021
03/03/2021 Inaugural UCSB IT Internship Provides Undergraduates with Hands-On Experience
02/25/2021 Sautter Award for Innovation in IT Now Accepting Applications
02/18/2021 Web Accessibility Workshop on February 25
02/17/2021 Google Drive Changes
01/29/2021 Phishing, Ransomware Threats Remain Despite Emotet & Netwalker Takedowns
01/26/2021 Data Privacy and You
01/25/2021 Internships Offer Experience, Prepare Undergrads for Information Technology Careers
01/21/2021 Social Media Workshop on January 27, 2021, via Zoom
01/15/2021 Enable Zoom Live Transcription Feature
01/13/2021 Beware of Potential Tax Fraud, Identity Theft
01/08/2021 ETS, DFSS Collaborate to Reduce User Workload in Managing Campus Utilities
01/06/2021 Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for IT & CIO
12/17/2020 ETS 2019-20 Annual Report Now Available
11/18/2020 Final Reminder: UCSB Moves to Google Chat November 30, 2020
11/12/2020 The Current: California COVID Notify
10/23/2020 Increased Cyber Threats Around the Election and Beyond
10/14/2020 Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Enabled for All UCSB UCPath Users on December 3, 2020
10/13/2020 The Current: Cybersecurity in a Pandemic
10/06/2020 Reminder: UCSB Moves to Google Chat on November 30, 2020
10/02/2020 UCSB DocuSign Updates: October 1, 2020
10/01/2020 Kicking Off National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
09/24/2020 Update to Recent Zoom Announcement, New Info Page at
09/18/2020 Zoom Now Messaging Owners of Public Meetings Linked on Social Media
09/17/2020 Upcoming Zoom Changes in September
09/16/2020 The Current: Collaboration, Empowering, and Learning
09/11/2020 Checklist: Prepare for SCE Planned Power Outage, September 19-20, 2020
09/11/2020 The Current: Zoom Backup Plan
09/08/2020 Zoom Update: Meetings Require Passcode or Waiting Room Setup on September 27
08/18/2020 SCE Planned Power Outage Coordination, September 19-20, 2020
08/17/2020 Latest G Suite Update Features Integrated Experience for Web and Android
08/11/2020 Deadline to Request Multi-Year SSL Certificates is August 18, 2020
07/17/2020 G Suite's Latest Update Integrates Apps in Workspace
07/15/2020 Scammers Exploiting COVID-19 Contact Tracing Programs
07/14/2020 UCSB Moves to Hangouts Chat November 30, 2020
06/08/2020 Upcoming G Suite Updates
06/01/2020 IAM System Creates Option to Add Pronouns in Signatures

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Previous Events

10/27/2021 CSAM: Zoom Security with Vanessa Moriarty
10/26/2021 CSAM: Hilarious Hacks
10/19/2021 CSAM: The State of Authentication
10/12/2021 CSAM: How Hackers Exploit Humans
10/07/2021 CSAM: What Can We Do About Ransomware?
10/06/2021 CSAM: Zoom Security with Vanessa Moriarty
10/04/2021 CSAM: Zero Trust with Jon Green and Ben Price from Aruba
01/14/2021 ETS All-Hands Quarterly Meeting
10/09/2020 ETS All-Hands Quarterly Meeting
07/23/2020 ETS All-Hands Quarterly Meeting
06/17/2020 UCSB Campus Cloud Presentation Recording Online 

CISO Office Hour Webinar: Information Assurance and Security

See recording link


04/09/2020 ETS All Hands Meeting: Liberate the Data, Data Warehouse, and Campus Cloud
01/29/2020 ETS Winter 2020 All Hands  Video Recording
01/29/2020 IS-3 Campus IT Discussion Video Recording
12/02/2019 FERPA Training sponsored by Women in Technology (WIT) Video Recording & Presentation
11/20/2019 The First Woman Man: Gender Labels & Workplace Expectations Video Recording & Presentation
10/25/2019 ETS Fall 2019 All Hands Video Recording
09/11/2019 IT Strategy Presentation
08/28/2019 IT Foundations II Video Recording & Presentation
05/06/2019 IT Connections Spring 2019 Video Recording
04/12/2018 ETS Spring 2018 All Hands Video Recording
12/18/2017 IT Forum (Winter 2017) Video Recording
06/27/2017 IT Forum (Summer 2017) Video Recording
06/17/2016 June 2016 Systems Speak Information Session (Timekeeping Guidelines) Video Recording
06/02/2016 IT Forum (Spring 2016)

Video Recording


Cyber Security Presentations and Videos

Cyber Security: Dr. Giovanni Vigna, PhD - "Understanding the Threat: Malicious Software, Malicious Actors, and the Promise of Artificial Intelligence." Dr. Vigna discusses how Artificial Intelligence is used in security and what are the (little understood) pitfalls of adversarial machine learning.