We're excited to announce that the Zoom AI Companion feature will be available for Faculty and Staff starting on Friday, May 10!

Before using Zoom AI Companion, all users must review and familiarize themselves with the usage guidelines for using this service, which are available here.

How to Access the Feature:

The Zoom AI Companion will be automatically unlocked for Faculty and Staff accounts on May 10. However, users must manually enable this feature within their Zoom settings to start using it. To do this, sign into your Zoom account, then select the AI Companion tab. You will see the options that can be enabled. 

zoom AI companion

Please note that this feature will not be available to students or student employees.

What Zoom AI Companion features will be available to UCSB?

Meeting Summary:

  • Zoom AI Companion analyzes the audio conversation during your meeting and automatically generates a summary that captures the key points discussed, including:
  • Action items: Identifies tasks or decisions assigned during the meeting.
  • Important topics: Highlights the main themes or areas of focus.
  • Key takeaways: Summarize the essential points and conclusions.
  • This summary can be accessed after the meeting, saving you time taking notes and helping to recall important details.
  • Be aware that you must carefully revise the summary notes before sharing them with others for accuracy and to ensure that P3, P4 data, or other sensitive or confidential information has been removed.

Visit the Zoom Support resource for more information on Meeting Summary.

Smart Recording:

  • When enabled, Zoom AI Companion applies AI intelligence to your cloud recordings and automatically divides the recording into chapters based on different topics or speakers.
  • This allows for easier navigation and faster access to specific parts of the recording.
  • Additionally, Zoom AI Companion might:
    • Highlight key moments in the recording
    • Identify and summarize the action items discussed
    • Offer analytics on meeting dynamics such as talk time distribution or filler word usage (for meeting hosts only)
  • Be aware that you must revise the summary notes before sharing them with others.

Visit the Zoom Support resource for more information on Smart Recording.

If you require further assistance, please contact the ITS Service Desk: 1-805-893-5000 or x5000.  You can also submit a self-service request at: ithelp.ucsb.edu.