Getting Started with MFA with Duo

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How to 2-Step: Enable MFA

Before you can use MFA, you need to enroll in Duo at UCSB. Here's how:

For the best experience, enroll in MFA via the Duo app on your smartphone or another smart device with a push notification. To enroll via push notification from the Duo app, follow these directions: 

  • Enroll via push notification. A push notification is a pop-up sent from an app that you "push" from your phone or another smart device when you authenticate with Duo. 

If you cannot receive a push notification, do not have a smartphone, or do not wish to use the Duo Mobile app, visit Which Devices Should I Enroll in MFA with Duo? 

We recommend that you register a second device in Duo as a backup authentication method in case your primary method is not available.

Duo provides an extra layer of security called multi-factor authentication (MFA) to protect your accounts and data. ‚ÄčIf hackers steal your ID and passphrase, they still can't access your account, because they won't have the verification from Duo that you get on your phone or token. 

Enroll in MFA now

Instructional Video: Enroll Your Smartphone with the Duo App

Do you have a replacement cell phone or device?

Enroll your replacement smartphone or device in MFA with Duo using these instructions

Duo Introduction Video