Follow these steps to enroll in Duo using SMS. It can take up to 24 hours for your Duo enrollment to become active. You can view, download, or print a PDF of these instructions. 

STEP 1: Duo SMS Enrollment 

a) Open a web browser to

b) Log in to SSO

c) Your browser will show the MFA with Duo Self-Registration form. Click “Start Setup”

start setup with Duo

d) Select "Mobile Phone," then click "Continue"

e)  Enter your SMS phone number in the space provided

f) After entering the phone number, a checkbox field displays for you to confirm the number. Review the number is correct, select the checkbox, and then click “Continue”

g) The “Enroll Successful” screen will display. Click “Dismiss”

h) Verify that your phone number is correct, and leave the default option for the “When I log in” pull-down menu

STEP 2: Generating and Using SMS Codes

a) Open a web browser to

b) Log in to SSO

c) To have Duo text you a batch of passcodes, click the “Text Me New Codes” button (or type “SMS” in the Second Password field). View the SMS/text message from Duo. The Duo Prompt’s status bar indicates the passcodes were sent to your phone. The number of SMS passcodes sent in one batch is defined by your administrator (10 maximum, expiring in an hour). Sending multiple passcodes at once lets you use those passcodes to authenticate multiple times within an hour when you may not have cellular service.

MFA Duo text new codes

d) To authenticate using an SMS passcode, click the “Enter a Passcode” button, type in a passcode you received from Duo via text message, and click “Log In." 

register MFA with duo non-smart cell phone

Duo tracks which SMS passcodes you’ve already used in your batch, letting you know which one to use next.

enter SMS code MFA Duo

You can have new passcodes sent to you at any time. A new batch of passcodes will invalidate all old passcodes, so it’s probably best to delete the old message when a new one comes in.