The ITS Training and Development Group provides specialized IT systems training for Staff and Faculty and tailored learning collateral that comprehensively covers relevant content and practical application. We follow an inclusive design approach, integrating accessibility considerations into our development process to accommodate diverse learners and create an inclusive learning environment. Leveraging our expertise, we create multifaceted learning resources that cater specifically to Staff and Faculty, enriched with multimedia elements for an engaging learning experience. We continuously refine our training content while considering accessibility standards to ensure it remains user-friendly for all participants, effectively advancing their IT skills. Apart from specialized IT systems training, we oversee all facets of the Staff Learning Management System (LMS) for seamless functionality, reporting, and optimal utilization of learning resources, providing an enhanced educational experience.

Our Services

  • Develop training solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of learning audiences at UCSB.
  • Design training to support new employee onboarding, as well as refresher training for existing employees.
  • Create instructional videos, quick reference guides, instructional manuals, and self-paced interactive modules.

Working with our Team

  • We leverage UCSB’s Connect Google Workspace tools to streamline project workflows and development of client deliverables.
  • Our approach involves using the evidence-based ADDIE Framework method –  Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate.

Who we Support

  • We work primarily with IT staff on a variety of projects that benefit stakeholders across campus. 
  • We partner with teams to develop new training content or adapt existing instructional content (i.e. convert instructor-led training to eLearning modules.)


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