Hard Drive Destruction Service


ETS staff at North Hall Data Center (NHDC) will accept hard drives that UCSB customers wish to have destroyed and securely destroy them.

Hard Drive Destruction services include:

  • NSA/DoD rated degausser and hole punch to securely wipe data and destroy the drive
  • Recycling and disposal of drive remnants
  • Chain of custody and destruction records, including the drive, make, model, serial number and date of destruction, for the customer

Request Information

Visit the IT Services catalog at ucsb.service-now.com/it. Click End User Services, then Data Center Services, then Hard Drive Destruction Request.

Then, enter the Make/Model and Serial Numbers of the hard drives you want destroyed, and submit the request. NHDC staff will contact you to arrange a time to drop off the drives at NHDC.

Special Considerations

Not applicable.


Visit the IT Services catalog at ucsb.service-now.com/it and follow the same instructions as above.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Not applicable.