IV Theater UCSB

ETS Network Operations Center (NOC), Administrative and Residential Information Technology (ARIT), and Instructional Development (ID) teams recently upgraded the wireless network for 14 of UCSB’s largest classrooms including Campbell Hall, Embarcadero Hall, and IV Theater among others. The upgrade aimed to increase the density and capacity of wireless for occupants during instruction in large lecture halls.

The project began with a comprehensive audit surveying locations for the best coverage. After the initial planning, the teams upsized and augmented existing wireless access points so they could accommodate additional users and enhance user connection performance. 

The project not only required attention to detail to ensure proper mounting techniques and painting to avoid damaging the buildings, but it also worked around lecture hall occupancy during regular weekday hours. 

A special thank-you to Anthony Garcia, events manager of Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall, for accommodating the implementation, which helped make the upgrade smooth. 

Ultimately, the completion of the wireless upgrade will enhance the educational experience for both lecturers and students who rely on the internet connection daily, according to Kevin Schmidt, director of ETS Networking, Communications and Security Services.