The Pulse Secure VPN appliances supporting campus VPN services offer automatic upgrades to Windows and Mac clients upon connection to the system if it determines that an older version of the client is in use.

On Friday, April 24, 2020, we will release v.9.1r5 (b151) of the Pulse Secure client through this automated method.

Older Windows and Mac Pulse Secure VPN clients will present a "Software Upgrade for: UCSB Remote Access" window after connecting. It is safe to click "Upgrade" and follow the prompts to allow the automated upgrade of the VPN client through this method. If you prefer to defer the automatic upgrade, or you prefer a manual installation of the updated client, you may decline the upgrade in the dialog box.

Standalone Pulse Secure VPN client custom installer 9.1r5 (b151) packages (containing the pre-defined UCSB Remote Access connection profile) will be available in the UCSB VPN Clients Google Drive folder no later than the morning of April 24, 2020.  Links are available at

IT support personnel may forward this information to end-users, due to the large number of new users on the VPN who may not have previously seen the automatic upgrade prompt.