Integrated Gmail on Mobile

On September 1, Google will begin to release its new integrated G Suite experience to Gmail. The new workspace features frequently-used Google apps in one location to maximize collaboration. Once implemented, users can easily open and co-edit group documents and projects without leaving a program they’re working in. 

Gmail will now feature four distinct components:

  • Mail, which has not changed and is the same Gmail experience users know and love.
  • Chat, which allows users to message individuals and small groups directly.
  • Rooms, which are spaces that include shared chat, files, and tasks to help groups more easily work on projects.
  • Meet, which features upcoming meetings that you can view and join.

The update will be available in G Suite for web and Android. It will launch on iOS at a future date. 

Along with developments in remote teamwork, Google added several new tools to maximize working remotely. Users can now:

  • Manage task updates in rooms
  • Pin important rooms for easy access
  • Increased availability options, some with status notices in chat
  • View files in a shared room
  • Toggle between email and chat search results on the web
  • Start a new meeting or see your upcoming meetings under “Meet” on the web

According to a recent G Suite Updates blog, the company “[hopes] that the new integrated experience in Gmail helps you stay focused, be productive, and collaborate more effectively — no matter what your workspace looks like.”

Stay tuned to or the official G Suite blog for updates.