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Recently, UC Santa Barbara re-launched brand.ucsb.edu, a 24/7/365 one-stop shop for nearly all your branding needs. 

Our brand helps tell our story in a consistent, compelling way. Use the resources available to you from the Office of Public Affairs and Communications (OPAC) and from the Core IT Communications Analyst (Kaitlin Breitag) to present the faces of our institution and our department in a professional, high-quality, unified UC Santa Santa Barbara voice.

The chart below demonstrates where you can find brand resources depending on your needs. If you have questions about the IT brand assets and how to use them, or if you need access to the Communications Toolkit Shared Drive, please email Kaitlin Breitag at kbreitag@ucsb.edu. For UCSB main brand questions, email brand@ucsb.edu

Our communications team will update the attached document as more assets become available. Check back for updates!

Asset Type


IT Communications Toolkit



High-quality digital images of campus, students, faculty, student life, aerial photos, etc. 

IT-focused stock and event photographs (IT Forum, Connections, Foundations, etc.) 




All main UCSB primary wordmarks (logos), wordmark lockups for different departments, the colorful secondary tabs, and the official University seal

- UCSB Information Technology wordmark

- Office of the CIO wordmark

- Enterprise Technology Services wordmark

- Program Management Office wordmark

Templates (Google Docs, Google Slides, Word, PowerPoint)

Generic branded templates

Branded templates specific to Core IT (OCIO, ETS, PMO). Please MAKE A COPY and save it to your Google Drive when using these templates.

Email Signature

Use the email signature generator to edit the contact information in your emails, and copy/paste into the settings of your email application

Not applicable

Color Palette

Colors include both print and digital palettes 

There is a Google Sheet containing the color palette. Add this as another tab to any Google Sheet and Google will automatically add the colors for you. 


View the typefaces and guidelines

Font/typeface kit

Web fonts

The web font families are available for use on any uscb.edu sub-domain. Centrally hosted, they can be used with any content management system

Not applicable


Use the Drupal-based web theme to build or redesign your next website

Not applicable

Icon Library

Use the curated library of UCSB icons to help users navigate tasks and ideas

Not applicable

Video Tools

Choose clips from a library of campus b-roll or make your video consistent with the brand identity with one of our 4k-ready wordmark files or branded most graphics templates

Not applicable

Additional Resources

Need a business card, table throw, name tags? Start with this page

Not applicable