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Apple recently announced that its web browser Safari will no longer accept SSL certificates that are valid for over 13 months beginning September 1, 2020. 

According to an article from The UK Register’s San Francisco office, after September 1, 2020, the Safari browser found on all iOS and macOS devices will reject any new website cert valid for more than 398 days. The policy change will not affect older certs issued before the deadline. 

The new policy’s goal is to improve website security by ensuring developers “use certs with the latest cryptographic standards and reduce the number of old, neglected certificates that could potentially be stolen and used for phishing or drive-by malware attacks,” according to the article.

At UCSB, we will continue to offer multi-year SSL certificates until the end of the business day on Friday, August 28, 2020. SSL certificate requests must be approved and finalized prior to that date. After that date, we will only issue single-year SSL certificates. We will also publish the most updated SSL certificate information at

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