The Smartsheet Business Account, owned by the Office of the CIO Program Management Office (PMO), is a software-as-a-service application for collaboration and work management at smartsheet.com. 

It assists staff with assigning tasks, tracking project progress, managing calendars, sharing documents, and managing other work with a spreadsheet-like interface. It supports GANTT, Kanban, and other views, as well as integrations with Google, Microsoft Office and other products, and Android and iOS clients. Staff use Smartsheet extensively for campus IT projects including the Connect email migration and North Hall Data Center (NHDC) improvements. 

UCSB holds over 400 accounts in Smartsheet.

Smartsheet features include:

A free, non-licensed account allows participation in existing projects, workspaces, and sheets. 

Optional features include: 

A paid, licensed account allows full access to project and sheet creation, dashboarding, resource views, and other advanced features. We pass through the pro-rated subscription cost, currently $249 per year, to the requesting department without an additional markup.

Request Information

See smartsheet.com for product capabilities. You may request an account via the Core IT Service Desk at ithelp.ucsb.edu. 

Special Considerations

Each unit joining the Business Account should designate a coordinator who becomes the point of contact/reference for that unit.


Core IT provides account access support only. Smartsheet.com provides free online training. We expect local UCSB interest/best practices groups to form. 

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Per smartsheet.com Software as a Service platform.