Google Chat FAQs

Whether in a 1:1 chat or a dedicated group workspace, Google Chat makes it easy to collaborate with your team in an organized way. Share and discuss Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides all in one place. Think of this product like Google’s answer to Slack.

  • Send direct messages
  • Create rooms
  • Collaborate in Chat
  • Start a video meeting
  • Add files to conversations
  • Search in Chat

To learn about these and more things you can do in Chat visit Get started with Chat.

Google Chat expands the team collaboration capabilities of Google Workspace by adding a persistent place to discuss a team's work, beyond collaborating within a Google Doc.

People who work in teams benefit most directly from Google Chat since Connect Google Workspace users gain a central hub to share and discuss as a group. Google Chat may reduce the need for teams to turn to other tools, such as email or Slack while working on projects.

Go to chat.google.com and sign in with your Connect account to access Google Chat in your web browser. Or, install the Google Chat app on your mobile device (for Android or iOS).