Cloud Computing is composed of infrastructure-, software-, and platform-as-a-service offerings that run by a central, normally-remote, service provider. The UCSB Campus Cloud is a set of cloud services that are coordinated by UCSB providing building-blocks that can be assembled into research, instructional, and administrative applications.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Amazon Web Service is the largest provider of cloud computing resources with a full set of infrastructure-, platform-, and software-as-a-service offerings. UCSB’s cloud computing strategy includes being “first and best in AWS” and we have invested in building a managed, integrated AWS environment known as a “Landing Zone.”

AWS Landing Zone Account Features

  • Access to the more than 3,000 services offered by AWS
  • Participation in the UC-wide Enterprise Discount Program
  • Guardrails to help avoid configuration errors that could create security vulnerabilities
  • Integration with the campus Single Sign-on service simplifying authentication
  • Centralized audit and network traffic logs providing visibility to UCSB’s security operations center
  • Self-service, integrated networking between AWS accounts and to UCSB
  • Configurable billing alerts
  • Access to Cloudcheckr, a cost-optimization, and compliance-monitoring tool

Getting Started

Visit for more information, including instructions on requesting an AWS account. For additional help, including assistance getting started or architectural reviews, please email

Special Considerations

Building applications on AWS requires an understanding of cloud-computing architecture and cost structures. Mistakes in design and operation can lead to substantial costs. We strongly recommend that anyone intending to build or manage applications on AWS, at a minimum, complete the free AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials online course.