As a Department Access Controller (DAC) you can ask for Building Access Control (BAC) support via a ServiceNow catalog. Only DACs can view the service offerings since it is expected that your users go through the access protocols you have in place for your secured areas.

Access Control features include:

  • BAC is a service typically provided only to DACs, consisting of adding, modifying, and removal of building access controls/rights. You can view service offerings here. You will require to authenticate using your campus single sign-on credentials. 
  • Departments without DAC, the business officer, or the office manager will need to contact the ITS Service Desk at 1 (805) 893-5000.

Request Information

Contact the IT Services Catalog at (805) 893-5000. 

Log into the Information Technology Services portal, select Enterprise Business Applications and choose Building Access Control. The site will display a list of Service Offerings. You can also use the “How can we help” search field and enter DAC or BAC as a keyword and it will list the same service offerings. You will only see the full list of services if you are a DAC.

Special Considerations

  • Only DACs will be able to access the service offerings
  • During business hours contact the Service Desk
  • After business hours contact Roger Zuniga at rogerzuniga@ucsb.edu


Support will be provided via the Information Technology Services portal. Seven service offerings are located under Enterprise Business Applications, then Building Access Control. You can also call the Service Desk at (805) 893-5000.

Resources for DACs


Questions or comments should be directed to Manuel Cintron at mcintron@ucsb.edu.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Service Level Agreements will vary depending on the service that you request. Requests that need comparably more effort, and funding might require longer processing times.