Vision: UCSB IT Mission-Focused Strategy Development


UCSB Mission-Focused IT Strategy Development‚Äč

Key Priority 1: 2019 Campus IT Assessment

Periodic Campus IT Assessments address the current state of UCSB IT, establish transparency, review goals and achievements, assess performance, and provide insights into future trends. The 2019 Campus IT Assessment will accomplish these aims and take a critical step toward identifying future strategy.

Key Priority 2: UCSB Campus IT Strategy Document

The first formal UCSB Campus IT Strategy document identifies the approach and steps that lead to a widely reviewed, revised, and published IT strategy. The document introduces the Mission-Focused IT concept and will undergo a consultative review and revision process through June of 2020, which will lead to publication.

Key Priority 3: Develop and Maintain Campus Architecture

To shift to Mission-Focused IT, campus IT must document a description of the Current state, a vision for the Green Field state, and a plan to cross the chasm between Current and Green Field states for critical technologies storage, identity, network, and cloud that support the campus mission.